Southern California girls converge for Angel City Grand Prix

May 3, 2017 | On April 22nd, over 150 athletes from across Southern California participated in the 4th annual Angel City Grand Prix held at Mountain View High School in El Monte. Wrestlers from seven California counties converged to compete in the all-girls freestyle tournament. Contestants competed in Junior, Cadet, Schoolgirl, Novice, and Intermediate age divisions. The top three contestants in each weight class were awarded medals and each champion received an Angel City Grand Prix t-shirt. Additionally, each Junior division champion received a custom BTSLA singlet, each Cadet division champion received a custom Angel City Grand Prix backpack, and each Schoolgirl, Novice, and Intermediate division champions received a custom Angel City Grand Prix cinch bag.

Tatiana Padilla, 2x bronze world medalist and UFC Ultimate Fighter Season 23 champion, kicked off the event with a message to the girls about the impact wrestling has had on her life.

“MMA was a new and challenging experience for me, but I was able to improve because of my positive outlook and my preparation from my past as a wrestler. These are ideals that I have carried over into my everyday life.”

She attributes much of her resiliency and work ethic to wrestling as it prepared her for life and her career as a MMA fighter. She closed her speech by encouraging the girls to have the perspective that life’s experiences are opportunities for growth and positivity.

BTSLA extends a heartfelt thanks all the volunteers and guests that made the Angel City Grand Prix such a successful and rewarding event. Specifically, BTSLA wishes to thank Tatiana Suarez and El Monte Union High School District Board Member Ricardo Padilla and for sharing their words of wisdom and perspective with the athletes. Additionally, special thanks to the BTSLA wrestling programs at South El Monte, Mountain View, San Pedro, and Topanga for their assistance with set-up, scorekeeping, and clean-up and to all those who assisted with the brackets and staging. The event ran smoothly because of the collective effort of a lot of people. Finally, BTSLA would like to thank South El Monte City Council Member Hector Delgado for all of his work in making the Angel City Grand Prix the premiere all-girls freestyle event in Southern California.

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Complete Results:

Intermediate – 45 lbs

1st: Jasmine Arce, Tuff Kids

2nd: Amayah Sanez, San Pedro Storm

3rd: Bridgette Soliz, Beat the Streets Tigers


Intermediate – 50 lbs

1st: Jai’Lynn Jose, Brigade Wrestling

2nd: Alexah Sanez, San Pedro Storm

3rd: Taylor Murillo, BTSLA


Intermediate – 55 lbs

1st: Janae Tessandere, TRU MMA

2nd: Natalie Castillejo, Beat the Streets Tigers

3rd: Natalie Zeon, BTSLA


Intermediate – 60 lbs

1st: Juliet Salazar, Tuff Kids

2nd: Yvonne Rincon, Guadalupe Brigade

3rd: Chrystal Benavidez, Beat the Streets Tigers


Intermediate – 70 lbs

1st: Juliet Salazar, Tuff Kids

2nd: Brooklyn Perez, Beat the Streets Tigers

3rd: June Marquez, Beat the Streets South El Monte


Novice – 70 lbs

1st: Sumaya Lazaro, So Cal Fury

2nd: Alexa Gomez, Brigade Wrestling

3rd: Andrea Guevara, Montclair Lady Cavs


Novice – 90 lbs

1st: Brandy Lira, Brigade

2nd: Nisa Rodgers, Brigade Wrestling

3rd: Aolani Letofu, Top Dog Wrestling Club


Novice – 95 lbs

1st: Ysabella Hinojosa, Titan Mercury

2nd: Leilani Lazaro, So Cal Fury

3rd: Juliana Marquez, Beat the Streets South El Monte


Novice – 102 lbs

1st: Katherine Hernandez, Century YAL

2nd: Mariah Lobos, Jr. Drillers

3rd: Aliya Rooney, Beat the Streets Topanga


Novice – 110 lbs

1st: Alani Marrajo, Beat the Streets El Monte

2nd: Donna Hernandez, Bell Wrestling

3rd: Izabel Moran, Beat the Streets Topanga


Novice – 118 lbs

1st: Audrey Chavez, Stars Wrestling Academy

2nd: Angelina Rincon, Guadalupe Brigade


Schoolgirl – 97 lbs

1st: Brianna Gonzalez, Pico Rivera Dons

2nd: Patricia Arana, Beat the Streets Tigers

3rd: Emilie Gonzalez, Pico Rivera Dons


Schoolgirl – 113 lbs

1st: Leah Gaitan, CVBJJ

2nd: Viviana Garcia, Beat the Streets Tigers

3rd: Katie Gomez, LAWC


Schoolgirl – 120 lbs

1st: Yasmine Scherer, Star Wrestling Academy

2nd: Elisa Jimenez, TMWC

3rd: Cynthia Rodriguez, Santa Maria All American


Schoolgirl – 128 lbs

1st: Vivian Velazquez, Beat the Streets Topanga

2nd: Victoria Velazquez, Beat the Streets Topanga

3rd: Aliana Lefotu, Top Dog Wrestling Club


Schoolgirl – 145 lbs

1st: Alyssa Arana, Brigade Wrestling

2nd: Barbara Kelly Sanders, Stars Wrestling Academy

3rd: Karina Vazquez, All American Juijitsu


Schoolgirl – 175 lbs

1st: Cynthia Benavidez, Beat the Streets Tigers

2nd: Mia Delgado, Beat the Streets South El Monte


Cadet – 101 lbs

1st: Tatiana Guevara, San Dimas High School

2nd: Christy Jose, Gr818ers

3rd: Analee Razo, Montclair Lady Cavs


Cadet – 124 lbs

1st: Alexis Medina, Northview High School

2nd: Allyson Arrington, Titan Mercury

3rd: Michelle Golstab, Lakeside


Cadet – 132 lbs

1st: Priscilla Ramirez, Peterson Grapplers

2nd: Estefany Garcia, Mountain View

3rd: Amaya Tinoco, Northview High School


Cadet – 143 lbs

1st: Sydney Barrios, San Pedro Storm

2nd: Nelly Mendoza, Lady Pounders

3rd: Chloe DeSouza, Gr818ers


Cadet – 154 lbs

1st: Madison Camp, All American Juijitsu

2nd: Stephanie Zambrano, Montclair Lady Cavs

3rd: Assata Lewis, Top Dog wrestling Club


Cadet – 172 lbs

1st: Tiki Jaime, San Dimas High School

2nd: Gabriela Espinosa, Menifee Wrestling Club


Cadet – 198 lbs

1st: America Lopez, Peterson Grapplers

2nd: Tiana Sichinga, All American Juijitsu

3rd: Carissa Ramirez, Montclair Lady Cavs


Cadet – 210 lbs

1st: Cristina Santoyo, Monroe High School

2nd: Cece Boyd, San Dimas High School

3rd: Desiree Cortez, Menifee Wrestling Club


Junior – 97 lbs

1st: Pauline Granados, Eisenhower

2nd: Alaura Couch, AATT

3rd: Maggy Ramos, Montclair Lady Cavs


Junior – 112 lbs

1st: Jaslyn Avila, San Fernando Tigers

2nd: Marisa Charvensi, Menifee Wrestling Club

3rd: Paris Valencia, BTSLA Tigers


Junior – 117 lbs

1st: Trina Nguyen, TMWC

2nd: Jessica Vazquez, Beat the streets Tigers

3rd: Rachel Gutierrez, B&H


Junior – 121 lbs

1st: Brianne Penunuri, Lady Pounders

2nd: Diana Leyva, Monroe High School

3rd: Rosie Arana, Beat the Streets Tigers


Junior – 125 lbs

1st: Magdalena Miranda, Eisenhower

2nd: Serene Ong


Junior – 139 lbs

1st: Nelly Mendoza, Lady Pounders

2nd: Laila Contreras, Redlands East Valley

3rd: Lelaina Navarro, Menifee Wrestling Club


Junior – 148

1st: Alexandra Banag, Gr818ers

2nd: Caroline Camarillo, San Dimas High School

3rd: Carla Sanchez, Lady Pounders


Junior – 159 lbs

1st: Tiki Jaime, San Dimas High School

2nd: Angelica Sosa, All American Juijitsu

3rd: Elizabeth Vazquez, Star Wrestling Academy


Junior – 172 lbs

1st: Dymond Guilford, SOMAR

2nd: Abbi Turner, Corona Hs

3rd: Jodie Hartlein, Etiwanda


Junior – 198 lbs

1st: Avealoumamalu Lefotu, Top Dog Wrestling Club

2nd: Hayley Martinez

3rd: Fernanda Robles, Mountain View


Junior – 210 lbs

1st: Leann Chapman, Gr818ers



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