Beat the Streets Los Angeles Empowerment Grant Impacts High School Wrestling Scene

Posted: February 27, 2020

Since 2012, Beat the Streets Los Angeles has mentored countless youth wrestlers that have continued their wrestling careers at a number of high schools across the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Through a series of strong partnerships, Beat the Streets LA has youth community programs operating year-round at over ten high schools.

In October 2019, Beat the Streets LA created the Wrestling Empowerment Grant. The purpose of this grant is to enhance and strengthen high school programs in some of Los Angeles’ most under-resourced areas. For the 2019-2020 wrestling season, Beat the Streets LA is proud to have awarded twenty-two grants to deserving high schools totaling over $40,000 in support. Funds granted to schools removed the financial barriers brought on by transportation needs, tournament fees, gear, and other costs associated with running a well-rounded wrestling program.

One of the requirements to receive the Empowerment Grant was that coaches were required to attend the National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) Scholastic CEO Leadership Academy training that Beat the Streets LA hosted in October. For this event, Beat the Streets LA brought representatives from the NWCA who provided a seven hour training program to help coaches strengthen their skills, match their wrestling programs with educational and character values, and substantially improve the recruitment and retention of wrestlers in the high school environment for both girls and boys.

In connection with the Empowerment Grant, Beat the Streets LA established the L.A. Legacy Wrestling Tournament at Canoga Park High School on December 14th, 2019. Typically, teams must pay hundreds of dollars to enter their team into a wrestling tournament. The L.A. Legacy Wrestling Tournament was provided to the twenty-two schools that received the Empowerment Grant at no cost. Over 180 student-athletes were able to enjoy a day of competition free of charge.

Inspired by the Olympic Games returning to Los Angeles in 2028, the overarching vision of the Empowerment Grant is to inspire greater support of wrestling by coaches, school administrators, and the community. When the 2028 Olympic Games have come and gone, Beat the Streets Los Angeles hopes that this Empowerment Grant will be a part of a wrestling legacy that will benefit the youth in our community for years to come.