Angel City Grand Prix Showcases SoCal Girls Wrestling

Posted: May 6, 2015

BTSLA2015-AngelCityGrandPrix-Featured Image
May 7, 2015  |  For the 2nd consecutive year on the first Saturday in May, BTSLA hosted the all girls wrestling tournament; the Angel City Grand Prix. And for the 2nd consecutive time, the girls proved more than worthy of their own showcase event.
The event, designed to empower Los Angeles area girl wrestlers, saw wrestlers from all over Los Angeles and Southern California competing for gold.
“I believe strongly in the movement and growth of girls wrestling. To be a part of this movement and to have BTSLA be a leader in providing opportunities to these deserving young women gives me great pride,” said BTSLA Program Director Kevin Lake.
While the growth of girls wrestling in Southern California is exploding, this day the spotlight was on the outstanding wrestling and fierce competition. Adding to the ferocity of the competition was the Outstanding Wrestler awards presented by Flips Wrestling and the highly sought after Flips Headphones to the winners.
In the end, PK Arana of San Fernando (Lightweight OW) and Vanessa Contreras of Yucca Valley (Upperweight OW) walked away with the honors.
In another special award, Miya Galvan of Griffith and Paris Valencia of San Fernando earned “Match of the Day” for their grudge match that saw 23 points go up on the scoreboard.
As an annual event, the Angel City Grand Prix will seek to continue to raise the profile of elite girls wrestling events throughout Southern California.

Photos by Brian Guerrero. Full Results after the competition photos.

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Complete Angel City Grand Prix results below.
Intermediate – Division 1
1st: Lesly Urena – Topanga PAL
2nd: Juliana Marquez – South El Monte
Intermediate – Division 2
1st: Yanese Hernandez – San Fernando
2nd: Genesis Fajardo – Topanga PAL
3rd: June Marquez – South El Monte

Novice – Division 1
1st: PK Arana – San Fernando}
2nd: Dulce Gonzalez – Topanga PAL
3rd: Evelyn Vasquez – San Fernando

Novice – Division 2
1st: Mia Gonzalez – San Fernando
2nd: Brianna Elliott – San Fernando
3rd: Allina Martiniez – San Fernando

Schoolgirl – Division 1
1st: Vivian Velazquez – Topanga PAL
2nd: Victoria Valeazquez – Topanga PAL
3rd: Valerie Covian – San Fernando

Schoolgirl – Division 2
1st: Mia Delgado – South El Monte
2nd: Janiece Alcocer – South El Monte

Schoolgirl – Division 3
1st: PK Arana – San Fernando
2nd: Leslie Zapata – Griffith
3rd: Jenea Acero – South El Monte

Cadet – Division 1
1st: Jessica Vasquez – San Fernando
2nd: Allysa Sanchez – Granada Hills
3rd: Stacy Ortiz – San Fernando

Junior – Division 1
1st: Paris Valencia – San Fernando
2nd: Jessica Vasquez – San Fernando
3rd: Miya Galvan – Griffith

Junior – Division 2
1st: Vanesa Contreras – Yucca Valley
2nd: Gianna Anaya – San Fernando
3rd: Kylah Griffin – Santa Fe

Junior – Division 3
1st: Samantha Munoz – San Fernando
2nd: Nancy Guzman – Santa Fe
3rd: Alex Cota – San Fernando

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