Anthony Rodarte – Male Athlete of the Month, June

Posted: July 12, 2017

Anthony is a first-year wrestler at Irving STEAM Magnet School in Glassel Park. His favorite tournament was the BTSLA Championships and his team placed 2nd overall in the Middle School Division. Wrestling is the only sport he participates in and he loves all aspects of wrestling from competition to conditioning and tumbling.
Off the mat, Anthony likes to play around with Photoshop. He is also bilingual and speaks fluently in Spanish.
“We all have to work with what we have. Not everyone has all the support and motivation to keep them going when they want to give up. Anthony has a huge heart and is a whirlwind of energy. This is Anthony’s first year wrestling and he has shown a lot of growth since I began coaching. He began to compete this year after showing up consistently to practice over 30 times throughout the season. He continues to contribute to the best of his abilities and will be joining other wrestlers at the Futures Camp this summer.” – Coach Richard Do