Breyanna Kellum – Female Athlete of the Month, February

Posted: March 14, 2017

Breyanna Kellum, Golden Warriors Wrestling

Breyanna just completed her first year wrestling with Beat the Streets LA. Her favorite wrestling move is the ankle pick. Breyanna would love to be a gymnast when she grows up – she can even do the splits! In her free time, she enjoys playing kick ball and listening to Beyonce. She enjoys mathematics and science. After she completes 5th grade at Fenton Charter Public School, this summer she plans to spend time with her friends Jordan and Jada at the beach and watch movies at the theater.
“Since Golden Warriors Wrestling has launched, Breyanna has displayed an enormous amount of courage. Breyanna, like any, started out shy and hesitant. The instant Breyanna realized she was capable of accomplishing anything novel is the second she stood out to me. Giving up has never been an option. She has learned that with time comes progress. Not only has she grown within the sport, she is slowly learning what it means to be a great example for the youth who look up to her. She has learned to be a great teammate, a responsible student and overall a reliable leader. A lot of our younger girls look up to Breyanna; for all the right reasons. I am very impressed with this young little lady.” – Coach Sarah Saenz