Yaveth Hernandez – Female Athlete of the Month, May

Posted: June 8, 2017

Yaveth Hernandez is a 7th grader at Dana Middle School and a first year wrestler at BTSLA’s San Pedro Community Program. Yaveth’s parents were hesitant when she first said she wanted to wrestle, but upon seeing her commitment, they started to encourage and support her. Regarding wrestling, Yaveth believes that “You should try it. It’s not as difficult as it sounds”. Her favorite move is the near side cradle, and her favorite parts of practice are learning more techniques and improving. Her favorite memory is her first win. It was at her second tournament and she was initially nervous, not expecting to win. However, she kept hitting singles and ended up with a double leg for 10-0 win at the Angel City Grand Prix.
Her favorite book and movie is The Book Thief and her favorite artist is J. Cole. Over the summer, Yaveth is attending BTSLA’s Futures Camp and is also visiting Catalina Island for a week.
“Yaveth works hard in the classroom and on the mat. Wrestling started off tough for her as she lost her first 3 matches, but through strong perseverance, she was able to get her first victory at the 2017 BTS Angel City Grand Prix.” – Coach Roman Hernandez