BTSLA girls attend MVD Wrestling Camp

Posted: July 8, 2016

July 8, 2016   |   From June 28th to July 1st, thirty-one BTLSA girls had an amazing experience at the MVD Wrestling Camp held at the Arrowhead Ranch Outdoor Science School in Lake Arrowhead, California.
“It was amazing to see so many young girls taking such a bold step in their wrestling careers,” said BTSLA Coach Valerie Burciaga who attended the camp. “Many of these girls left home for the first time and embraced all challenges on the mat,” she continued. “The leadership at the MVD Wrestling Camp was full of inspiring women who have contributed greatly to the growth and empowerment of women’s wrestling across the country.”
Over the course of the camp, the girls received wrestling instruction from multiple female Olympians. Each girl at camp was assigned to a team and during the camp the teams competed in several dual meets against each other. When they weren’t wrestling, the girls took part in a scavenger hunt, team cheers, relay races, hiking, boxing, swimming, and shopping in Lake Arrowhead Village.
During the camp, the coaches continually reinforced the themes of: integrityteamworkcourage; and healthy lifestyle.
At the end of camp, Team Brazel was declared the winner based upon their success on and off the mat. Each member of Team Brazel (including 4 BTSLA girls) received a custom-made MVD Wrestling Camp singlet and all the girls left camp with memories of an experience that will last a lifetime.
This MVD Wrestling Camp is a critical part of our sports-based youth development program. It is through experiences like these that our youth continue to develop the skills they need to grow into tomorrow’s leaders.
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MVD Wrestling Camp Photo Album:

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