BTSLA Wrestlers Shine at 2024 Beat The Streets National Camp & Duals in Boston

Posted: July 3, 2024

The Beat the Streets Los Angeles (BTSLA) team recently embarked on an unforgettable journey to Boston, Massachusetts, to participate in the 2024 Beat The Streets National Camp & Duals. This prestigious event, hosted by Beat the Streets New England, brought together over 400 student-athletes from 11 cities across the nation for a week filled with competition, learning, and personal growth.

Day 1: Arrival and Harvard Experience

The journey began with an early morning arrival on June 25th, after a redeye flight from Los Angeles. The team wasted no time immersing themselves in the rich academic and athletic atmosphere of Harvard University. Head Coach Jay Weiss and Assistant Coach Christian Monserrat guided the team through a tour of the historic campus, culminating in a memorable training session at the renowned Harvard Wrestling room. Afterward, the wrestlers enjoyed exploring local dining options around Harvard, bonding over a well-deserved meal. The day concluded with the team settling into their accommodations at Boston University and receiving their official gear from Asics, setting a positive tone for the days ahead.


Day 2: Clinics, Panels, and Fenway Park

On June 26th, the BTSLA team dove into a day packed with learning and enrichment. The morning began with intensive Technique Clinics led by elite wrestlers Sara McMann, Mallory Velte, Joey McKenna, Doug Zapf, Nathan Tomasello, and Zion Clark. These sessions equipped the athletes with advanced freestyle wrestling techniques, enhancing their skills and strategic thinking on the mat. Following a brief break and lunch, the team attended the TCA Career Panel, gaining valuable insights into career opportunities beyond athletics.

The day’s activities were capped off with an eagerly anticipated outing to Fenway Park to watch a game between the Red Sox and the Blue Jays. Despite the game being suspended, due to weather conditions, spirits remained high.  The team returned to Boston University, reflecting on a day filled with camaraderie and excitement.

Day 3: National Duals Competition

Thursday, June 27th, marked the pinnacle of the week’s events as the BTSLA wrestlers competed in Beat the Streets National Duals. The boys’ team faced formidable opponents from BTS Cleveland, BTS New England, BTS Newark, and Austin. Despite initial challenges, they showcased resilience and determination, securing victories in the silver pool against BTS Newark (53-14), Austin (41-27), and a crucial win over BTS New England (37-33). The girls’ team, meanwhile, dominated their competition, emerging as the 2024 Beat the Streets National Duals Champions. They delivered impressive performances throughout the day, triumphing over BTS Austin (55-17), BTS Chicago (38-34), BTS Baltimore (57-10), and BTS New England (37-28) in the finals.

Day 4: Showdown for BTS New England

The final day of the event saw three BTSLA wrestlers—Josh Requena, Jade Martinez, and Sophia Fernandez—competing in the Showdown for BTS New England. This showcase of elite Greco and freestyle wrestling talent provided a fitting conclusion to a week filled with intense competition and remarkable personal achievements.

The entire week in Boston was a testament to the dedication, resilience, and passion of the BTSLA wrestlers. Beyond the victories and matches, the experience fostered friendships, promoted personal growth, and reinforced the values of sportsmanship and commitment instilled by Beat The Streets. The team expressed gratitude for the opportunity to participate in such a transformative event, where they not only honed their athletic skills but also gained invaluable life lessons.

As our BTSLA team returns to Los Angeles, they carry with them memories of a week that exemplified the spirit of Beat The Streets—empowering young athletes and shaping future leaders both on and off the mat. Our organization looks forward to continuing its mission of positively impacting the lives of youth through wrestling, ensuring that every participant has the opportunity to succeed, both in sport and in life.