Fall Jamboree Success

Posted: November 19, 2012

November 17, 2012 | The 2012 Fall Jamboree was a fantastic success. The gym was buzzing with excitement as schools cheered on their fellow teammates. For almost every student athlete, this was their first competition, but it did not show in the way they performed and strived to win. All of our kids showed great sportsmanship, whether they won or lost, and that alone marked the event a success. In addition, we had an extraordinary number of parents and family members in attendance. It was a wonderful spectacle to witness.
The Fall Jamboree was produced by our Executive Staff and several of the Board Members were on hand for support. Many others helped as well; BTS-LA Coaches, After-School All-Stars, San Fernando H.S. Coaches and Athletes, Panorama H.S. Athletes, Brights Star Schools (Tyler Baier), Volunteer Officials, Tatiana Padilla and Parents/Family Members.
Medal Count: (Mt.Gleason 9, Stella 7, Vista 5, Porter 4, Edison 2, Mulholland 2, LA Leadership Academy 1)
Girls 70  |  1st Mercedes Rodriguez (Mt. Gleason),  2nd Aileen Medina (Porter)
Girls 90  |  1st Crystal Pineda (Vista),  2nd Jennifer Ayala (Vista)
Girls 130  |  1st Alva Ramirez (Porter),  2nd Aalyssa David (Porter),  3rd Anjali Khashaki (Mt. Gleason)
Boys 75  |  1st Ricardo Juarez (Stella),  2nd Orion Estrada (Mt. Gleason),  3rd Roy Guzman (Stella)
Boys 90  |  1st Randy Medrano (Stella),  2nd Andres Balbino (Stella),  3rd Shane Cathcart (Mt. Gleason)
Boys 105  |  1st Paul Okpalaugo (Stella), 2nd James Huerta (LALA), 3rd Terell McGinnis (Mt. Gleason), 3rd Nathaniel Botello (Stella)
Boys 118  |  1st Anthony Buiza (Vista), 2nd Alvila Clayton (Porter), 3rd Karimee Russell (Vista)
Boys 129  |  1st Michael Lopez (Mulholland), 2nd Matthew Gokey (Mt. Gleason), 3rd Keven Almontes (Stella)
Boys 135  |  1st Chandler Powell (Mt. Gleason),  2nd Raul Enciso (Stella),  3rd Gabriel Mejia (Mulholland)
Boys 160  |  1st Raymon Washington (Edison), 2nd Karen Julfayan (Mt Gleason), 3rd Angel Ruiz (Edison)
Boys 200  |  1st Isaias Gramajo (Vista),  2nd Jason Long (Mt. Gleason)