February Female Athlete of the Month: Jasmin Fernandez

Posted: March 10, 2015

Athlete of the Month_Jasmin Fernandez
Jasmin Fernandez
Grade: 7th
School: Community Charter Middle School
Coach: Sarah Saenz
Favorite School Subject: Art, I love to draw anything.
Nickname: Jazzy
Favorite thing about wrestling: I like taking people down.
Fork or Spoon: Spoon, duh
Lakers or Clippers: Lakers but I don’t even like basketball.
Dodgers or Angels: Angels
Cats or Dogs: Dogs, I don’t like cats.
Beach or Mountain: Beach
Ice Hockey or Ice Cream: Ice Cream of course!
“When Jasmine first started wrestling last season she was shy, hid behind her long brown hair, and was hesitant.  Now wrestling seems to be second nature for her. Jazzy is great on the mat and not only have I seen her transform into a hard working athlete, I’ve watched her grow into a beautiful, confident, bright young lady. A leader who no longer hides behind her long brown hair. She would rather tie it back, lace up her wrestling shoes, and hit the mat.” – Head Coach Sarah Saenz