February Male Athlete of the Month: Alijah Saenz

Posted: March 6, 2016

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Alijah Saenz
Grade: 1st
School: Eucalyptus Elementary
Wrestling Program: San Pedro
Coach: Roman Hernandez
Favorite School Subject: Math “Because I can do Double Facts.”
Favorite thing about wrestling: “Learning new moves because it makes me wrestle better and tournaments because I meet new friends.”
Dodgers or Angels: Dodgers
Mountains or Beach: Mountains “Because I want to see snow.”
No favorite Sport Athlete. Favorite Super Hero: HULK “Because he is strong and can do the Hulk Smash.”
Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park “Velociraptors are fast and make dinosaur sounds”
Favorite Food: Soup from Olive Garden
Reason for Nomination:  This kid has always been the smallest wrestler in the room.  At one of BTS Competition two years ago (he was maybe 5), he got launched across the mat head over heels.  He looked like a flying squirrel…literally.  Against all that, he has only missed one practice (flu) over the past two years.  Even as a 5 year old he has always been well behaved and tough.  His grades are solid and Alijah loves to do well in the classroom.

“Usually the smallest grappler in the room, Alijah has succeeded on the wrestling mat using intelligence, dedication and toughness.  His attendance is exceptional including practice, competitions and clinics (most recently Kyven Gadsen).   He is great student both in the classroom and in the wrestling room.  I am most impressed with Alijah’s:  love, passion, and appreciation for the sport of wresting.”
Coach Roman Hernandez