BTSLA youth taste first competition of the season at Developmental Jamboree


December 14, 2016 | This past Sunday, 40 girls and 79 boys from 16 BTLSA programs competed in the first Jamboree of the 2016-17 season held at San Fernando High School.

At this Developmental Jamboree, many of our youth to competed in the first live wrestling match of their wrestling career. In order to provide maximum opportunities for wrestling development, all matches that ended with an early pin continued for an additional minute with the wrestlers alternating top and bottom positions for 30 seconds each.

Over the course of the 4 hour event, over 130 wrestling matches were held on the 4 wrestling mats. Medals were awarded to the top 3 finishers in each of the 39 different girl and boy weight divisions.

The event would have been impossible were it not for the efforts of Sgt. Jess Arana of the Los Angeles Schools Police Department and volunteers from the San Fernando wrestling program who set-up the mats and worked as timekeepers and scorekeepers. In addition, many volunteers were indispensable as they helped ensure that everything from registration to the award ceremony ran smoothly.


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Full photo album still to come.

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