January Male Athlete of the Month: Daniel Paramo

Posted: January 30, 2015

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ATHLETE NAME: Daniel Paramo
Grade: 7th
School: Vista Middle School
Coach: Eric Medina
Favorite subject: Math
Favorite thing about wrestling: I can take out all my feelings on the mat and express myself in a positive way.
Fork or Spoon: Fork because you can also use it as a spoon.
Blake or Kobe: Blake. He’s is a team player and Kobe is not.
Dodgers or Angles: I love the Dodgers!
Cats or Dogs: Dogs because cats are creepy and scary.
Beach or Mountains: I love the beach because I can be in the water or just chill on the sand.
Ice Hockey or Ice Cream: Ice cream. I love ice cream.

“Daniel is the leader of this Vista team. As a second year wrestler he has gone the extra mile by watching what he eats and participating in the Fullerton Wrestling Camp and watching high level competition at the Freestyle World Cup to better himself. He’s at practice everyday with a positive attitude and great work ethic. He’s a great kid and a pleasure to coach.” Coach Eric Medina