The Beat the Streets Los Angeles 2018-19 season kicks-off with gold medalist Kyle Snyder and the Fall Jamboree

Posted: December 13, 2018

December 13, 2018 | On Saturday, November 17, 2018, the Beat the Streets Los Angeles 2018-19 season kicked off in style with Olympic, World, and NCAA champion Kyle Snyder providing 180+ student-athletes from Beat the Streets Los Angeles and the Los Angeles area a wrestling clinic and memory that will last a lifetime.
The wrestlers packed every inch of the mat in the gym at Belmont High School where the wrestlers were taught wrestling techniques that have helped Kyle Snyder succeed on the world stage. When he wasn’t teaching wrestling, Kyle Snyder was graciously posing for photos and signing every t-shirt, headgear, shoes, hoodies, and everything else the youth wanted signed. And there was plenty!
Beat the Streets Los Angeles was honored to have Kyle Snyder provide the youth of Beat the Streets Los Angeles with the opportunity to spend a few hours with him on the wrestling mat. Thank you Kyle!

A few weeks after the clinic, the competitive season began on Sunday, December 12, 2018 with the Fall Jamboree at San Fernando High School.
Westcoast Sports Associates Executive Director Dan McKegney was on hand to start the tournament. Once the first set of wrestlers were ready to go on each of the 4 mats, Dan’s “Ready, wrestle!” over the loudspeaker kicked-off each match in unison and the tournament was underway.
In all, the Jamboree attracted 149 competitors from 20 Beat the Streets Los Angeles programs. Medals were awarded to the top 3 finishers in each of the 43 weight classes.
The Fall Jamboree was made possible thanks to the endless contributions of the LASPD Sgt. Jess Arana, the Los Angeles School Police Department, and a host of volunteers who offered their muscles, brains, and energy to set-up, run the tournament, and roll up the mats at the end.
At the conclusion of the event, Sgt. Jess Arana said, “Great day of fun! Kids from all over the City showed a lot of spunk and skill.”
Expect a lot more spunk and skill at the Winter Jamboree on Sunday, January 27, 2019 at John C. Fremont HS.
Scroll down for final results of the Fall Jamboree. 
Kyle Snyder Clinic Photos

Click here for the complete photo album (over 200 photos).

Fall Jamboree Photos

Lots more photos of the jamboree coming soon.

Fall Jamboree Final Results
Girls—45 lbs
1st: Tracy Ogbodu, Topanga Division
2nd: Jefferlyn Oliva, Topanga Division
3rd: Jefferlyn Oliva, Topanga Division
Girls—55 lbs
1st: Kailani Figueroa, Topanga Division
2nd: Arcelia Hernandez, Topanga Division
3rd: Alondra Guerrero, Topanga Division
Girls—64 lbs
1st: Valeria Miranda, Topanga Division
2nd: Michelle Gutierrez, San Fernando
3rd: Shelsy Corleto, Topanga Division
Girls—67 lbs
1st: Delilaha Benitez, Century YAL
2nd: Taylor Marrujo, South El Monte
Girls—75 lbs
1st: Natalie Castillejo, San Fernando
2nd: Destiny Pena, South El Monte
Girls—79 lbs
1st: Hazel Figueroa, Topanga Division
2nd: Mia Sanchez, San Fernando
3rd: Kimberly Analy Velazquez-Mendoza, Topanga Division
Girls—95 lbs
1st: Avy Perez, San Fernando
2nd: Jessica Arias Hernandez, Topanga Division
3rd: Rayah Castaneda, South El Monte
Girls—100 lbs
1st: June Marquez, South El Monte
2nd: Destiny Rodriguez Barillas, Topanga Division
Girls—106 lbs
1st: Erica Simon, San Fernando
2nd: Allyson Garcia, Downtown Academy
3rd: Kenia Calvario, Downtown Academy
Girls—126 lbs
1st: Adelaida Fernandez, San Fernando
2nd: Elizabeth Mendez, Topanga Division
Girls—127 lbs
1st: Juliana Marquez, South El Monte
2nd: Anyah Maldonado, Topanga Division
3rd: Layla Estrada, Burbank MS
Girls—138 lbs
1st: Adelaida Fernandez, San Fernando
2nd: Alani Marrujo, South El Monte
3rd: Julie Sanchez, San Fernando
Girls—157 lbs
1st: Rosemary Marquez, Alliance MIT MS
2nd: Krista Devis, Burbank MS
3rd: Dorca Gonzalez, Berendo MS
Boys—41 lbs
1st: Jonathan Ho, Westside Wrestling
2nd: Oliver Ho, Westside Wrestling
3rd: Max Velazquez, South El Monte
Boys—49 lbs
1st: Luis Figueroa, Topanga Division
2nd: Alejandro Leon, Topanga Division
3rd: Silas Gutierrez, South El Monte
Boys—56 lbs
1st: Dominick Cernas Silva, San Fernando
2nd: Jeremy Moreno, Bell
3rd: Damien Hawes, Topanga Division
Boys—63 lbs
1st: Luke Reveles-Campos, Topanga Division
2nd: Martin Perez, Bell
3rd: Piero Cabrera, Century YAL
Boys—69 lbs
1st: Jaden Ayala, San Fernando
2nd: Ruben Soliz, San Fernando
3rd: Daniel Guillen, Downtown Academy
Boys—73 lbs
1st: Dominic Simon, San Fernando
2nd: Julian Velazquez, South El Monte
3rd: Franccesco Rodriguez, Mount Gleason MS
Boys—75 lbs
1st: Joe Reed, Golden Warriors
2nd: Kaiden Lepe, San Fernando
3rd: Martin Ortiz, South El Monte
Boys—78 lbs
1st: Cristian Rueno, Topanga Division
2nd: Nelson LaBombard, Westside Wrestling
3rd: Rigoberto Dominguez, Downtown Academy
Boys—88 lbs
1st: Sam Larios, San Fernando
2nd: Ace Medina, Topanga Division
3rd: Jonathan Alvarez, Downtown Academy
Boys—98 lbs
1st: Dylan Simon, San Fernando
2nd: Joaquin Ibarra, San Fernando
3rd: Jaxon Guttentag, Westside Wrestling
Boys—99 lbs
1st: Jay Arana, San Fernando
2nd: Adrian Escobar, Topanga Division
3rd: Isaiah Soliz, San Fernando
Boys—103 lbs
1st: Jaden Estrada, San Fernando
2nd: Eric Martinez, South El Monte
Boys—109 lbs
1st: Gustavo Rodriguez, Mount Gleason MS
2nd: Jairo Arias-Ortiz, Irving MS
3rd: Nairi Khacheryan, Marshall Fundamental
Boys—110 lbs
1st: Caesar Garcia, Burbank MS
2nd: Araik Piliposyan, Marshall Fundamental
3rd: Gabriel Barcenas, Irving MS
Boys—117 lbs
1st: Elijah Estrada, South El Monte
2nd: Brandon Chach, Downtown Academy
3rd: Ramon Estrada, San Fernando
Boys—118 lbs
1st: Justin Arana, San Fernando
2nd: Emmanuel Flores-Benitez, Century YAL
3rd: Alexis Coxaj, Downtown Academy
Boys—119 lbs
1st: John Islas, Edison MS
2nd: Jose Hernandez, Topanga Division
3rd: Brian Baez, Topanga Division
Boys—120 lbs
1st: Andrew Jellinek, Mulholland MS
2nd: Jordi Cruz, Alliance MIT MS
Boys—128 lbs
1st: Isai Fernandez, San Fernando
2nd: Wilco Desir, Edison MS
3rd: Adolfo Padilla, Edison MS
Boys—129 lbs
1st: Gustavo Hernandez, Burbank MS
2nd: Santay Taylor, 77th Division
3rd: Michael Cano, Porter MS
Boys—134 lbs
1st: Justin Washburn, Mount Gleason MS
2nd: Zamir Briseno Barrera, Burbank MS
Boys—135 lbs
1st: Ethan Grubach, San Fernando
2nd: Daniel Martinez, Alliance MIT MS
Boys—142 lbs
1st: Jose Castillo, Marshall Fundamental
2nd: Isacc Mendoza, Golden Warriors
3rd: Edgar Abellano, Porter MS
Boys—151 lbs
1st: Jeremy Sanchez, San Fernando
2nd: Martin Gonzalez, Downtown Academy
3rd: Axel Tomasino, Bell
Boys—163 lbs
1st: Daniel Benavidez, Burbank MS
2nd: Ivan Ramos, Mount Gleason MS
3rd: Angel Ruiz, Belvedere MS
Boys—168 lbs
1st: Oscar Duenas, Marshall Fundamental
2nd: Fernando Garcia, Burbank MS
3rd: Jason Gonzalez, Edison MS
Boys—179 lbs
1st: Joseph Marquez, Alliance MIT MS
2nd: Pedro Gomez, Berendo MS
3rd: George Zuniga, San Pedro
Boys—187 lbs
1st: Erik Ramos, South El Monte
2nd: Leonardo Mendez-Carrasco, Downtown Academy
3rd: Xander Lorenzo Velazquez-Mendoza, Topanga Division
Boys—226 lbs
1st: Christopher Vidal, Mulholland MS
2nd: Moises Garcia, Burbank MS
3rd: Rene Martinez, Edison MS
Boys—276 lbs
1st: Jose Garcia, Burbank MS
2nd: Pablo Rodriguez, Edison MS
3rd: Nathaniel Galvan, Mulholland MS