Male Student Athlete of the Month: Joan Perez

Athlete of the Month_Joan Perez
Athlete Name: Joan Perez aka Sebastian
Grade: 8
School: Belvedere Middle School
Coach: Valerie Burciaga
Favorite School Subject: Math because it’s easy.
Favorite thing about wrestling: Wrestling is a type of self defense and I want to be prepared to defend others if they ever get bullied.
Dodgers or Angels: Dodgers because I’m from LA
Beach or Mountain: Beach so I can relax.
Favorite Athlete: Brock Lesnar because he is a great wrestler who competed in both UFC and WWE.
“Sebastian is a natural, charismatic leader who lives the BTSLA lifestyle. He genuinely cares for the well being of others and recognizes the importance of education and wrestling. His positive attitude is present and also contagious at every practice.” – Coach Val Burciaga

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