March Female Athlete of the Month: Amanda Morales

Posted: April 1, 2015

Athlete of the Month - Amanda Morales
Amanda Morales
Grade: 6th
School: Rivera Middle School / Pico Rivera
Coach: Yero Washington
Favorite School Subject: Physical Education
Nickname: Amena
Favorite thing about wrestling: Being at Practice
Fork or Spoon: Spork!
Lakers or Clippers: Lakers
Dodgers or Angels: Angels
Cats or Dogs: Dogs. I have a dog named Fergie.
Beach or Mountain: Beach
Ice Hockey or Ice Cream: Ice Cream
“Amanda’s has a positive energy that is contagious. Her teammates look to her as a leader and her attitude and approach to wrestling is fun to see. She is a very talented wrestler and since having some competitive success, has shown great focus and discipline. There is no limit to what Amanda can achieve when she puts her mind to it.”
– Coach Yero Washington