Middle School Wrestlers Finish Strong in Season Finale

Posted: May 20, 2014

Jamboree_2014 May 120
May 19, 2014 | Beat the Streets Los Angeles wrestlers from across the city gathered for the final Jamboree competition of the 2013-14 Middle School season. Hosted at Sotomayor Learning Academies on Saturday, May 10th the event saw competitors representing 17 different area wrestling programs.
The action was fast paced and emotions were high in pursuit of the years final gold medals. BTSLA newcomer PUC Schools participated in their first ever Jamboree and showed outstanding results with 3 wrestlers earning medals. The San Fernando Tiger Squad continued it’s run of impressive performances, earning 4 Gold medals and 6 overall medals.
Within the structure of BTSLA programming the Jamboree competitions serve as a great opportunity for participants to build new friendships, learn about themselves, face new challenges, and compete at their very best… And boy do they compete!
Among the athletes who participated in at least 3 of 4 BTSLA competition events for the season (Fall Jamboree, Spring Jamboree, Angel City Grand Prix, and Final Jamboree) only two wrestlers completed the year with unblemished records. V’ante Moore, a 7th grader at Stella Middle Charter Academy and Miguel Guzman, an 8th grader at Walnut Park School for Social Justice and Service Learning, capped their seasons with first place finishes. A third wrestler, 7th grader Anjali Khashaki from Mt. Gleason Middle School also completed the year undefeated after participating in 2 of the 4 season events.
BTSLA Executive Director Yero Washington gave a closing address to the athletes and families in attendance highlighting the success of the Middle School season. “Our hope is that you take what you’ve learned in our programs and continue to pursue wrestling but also apply those lessons into your life and in the classroom,” said Washington.
While the competition season is complete for the Middle School students, BTSLA will host one final event to close out the year. On Saturday, May 24th, BTSLA athletes will have an opportunity to learn from 2x Olympian and current University of Maryland Head Coach Kerry McCoy. The event will begin at 10:00 AM at Sotomayor Learning Academies.

2014 Spring Jamboree Official Results
60 – 68lbs | 1st – Jason Lobato (Valor), 2nd – Asael Ortiz (Valor), 3rd – Christian Designess, (Stella 5-6)
68 – 86lbs | 1st – Patricia Arana (San Fernando), 2nd – Leslie Zapata (Griffith), 3rd – Amanda Munoz (Pico Rivera)
70 – 79lbs | 1st – Patricia Arana (San Fernando), 2nd – Orion Estrada (Porter), 3rd – Mark Aguilar (Mt Gleason)
80 – 86lbs | 1st – Andy Del Toro (San Fernando), 2nd – Dylan Burgess (Mt Gleason), 3rd – Jhaun Mendoza (Stella 5-6)
90 – 96lbs | 1st – Robert Guardon (Walnut Park), 2nd – Rafael Olivas (Valor), 3rd – Sergio Gonzalez (Walnut Park)
105 – 114lbs | 1st – Andres Balbino (Stella 7-8), 2nd – Ethan Davila (Mt Gleason), 3rd – Andy Roque (Berendo)
110 – 118lbs | 1st – Gianna Anaya (San Fernando), 2nd – Samantha Larios (San Fernando), 3rd – Yesika Guzman (Mulholland)
115 – 121lbs | 1st – V’ante Moore (Stella 7-8), 2nd – RJ Alvarez (San Pedro), 3rd – Tim Grundy (Edison)
120 – 132lbs | 1st – Anjali Khashaki (Mt Gleason), 2nd – Salma Morales (Porter), 3rd – Aalyssa David (Porter)
116 – 120lbs | 1st – Chris Barba (Porter), 2nd – Leonardo Nicolas (Berendo), 3rd – Matthew Collozo (Irving), 3rd – Joseph Colello (San Pedro)
125 – 131lbs | 1st – Nathaniel Botello (Stella 7-8), 2nd – Alex Batista (Berendo), 3rd – Michael Lopez (Mulholland)
125 – 136lbs | 1st – Rolando Reyes (Porter), 2nd – Onyx Lee (Porter), 3rd – Leo Guerera (Berendo)
126 – 128lbs | 1st – Sergio Alvarado (Mulholland), 2nd – Daniel Alvarez (Stella 5-6)
139 – 148lbs | 1st – Angel Velasquez (Stella 5-6), 2nd – Julian Leon (Valor), 3rd – Meshach Santos (Stella 5-6)
142 – 150lbs | 1st – Jordan Thomas (Stella 7-8), 2nd – Sylvia Garcia (Stella 7-8)
143 – 154lbs | 1st – Chandler Powell (Mt Gleason), 2nd – Anthony Vasquez (Berendo), 3rd – Nester Sanchez (PUC Schools)
156 – 165lbs | 1st – Jason Aguilar (Pico Rivera), 2nd – Jon Livingston (San Fernando)
166 – 180lbs | 1st – Miguel Guzman (Walnut Park), 2nd – Alexis Toscano (PUC Schools), 3rd – Noe Duran (PUC Schools)