October Female Student Athlete of the Month: Helena Leal

Posted: November 8, 2015

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Name: Helena Leal

Grade: 6

School: Belvedere Middle School

Coach: Valerie Burciaga

Favorite School Subject: I love History because I get to learn what happened in the past and it’s very interesting.
Favorite thing about wrestling: I get to learn something new and it’s very fun. 

Dodgers or Angels: Dodgers because they try hard and play with their best efforts.

Beach or Mountain: Beach because I can play in the water and the water is refreshing.

Coach Quote:

“Helena is a great wrestler and teammate to everyone here at Belvedere. She is always ready to try challenging moves and doesn’t doubt herself in the process. Helena may be on the quiet side but don’t fret. She saves all her energy for the mat.” – Val Burciaga