October Male Athlete of the Month

Posted: October 31, 2014

Athlete of the Month
With the new season underway we  are proud announce our October Male Athlete of the Month.
Athlete: Joshua Nava
Grade: 6th
School: Edison Middle School
Coach: Nick Cegelski
Favorite School Subject: Art
Nickname: Anthony
Favorite thing about wrestling: everything
Fork or Spoon: 50% Fork, 50% Spoon
Kobe or Shaq: Kobe
Dodgers or Angels: Dodgers
Lakers or Clippers: Lakers

From the Coach’s Corner:
On the first day of practice, Josh told me one of his goals for the year was to learn how to do a chin-up. We’ve been discussing how 5 minutes of extra work every day will add up over time. Josh has made himself a habit: at the conclusion of every practice he jumps up and hangs from the chin-up bar in attempt to do a chin-up. For weeks, he was unable to raise himself to the bar, but kept getting closer and closer until he finally did a perfect chin-up last week. His next goal? 2 chin-ups. – Coach Nick Celgelski