Our 2016 Impact Report

Posted: May 16, 2017

Thanks to the generosity and support of the wonderful Beat the Streets community, this past year BTSLA has been able to make a positive impact in the lives of girls and boys in Los Angeles through our sports-based youth development program.
We want to share with you our latest impact report. In this report, you will find a review of the successes of BTSLA during 2015-16, as well as information about the youth, programs, coaches, partners, supporters, and donors who make BTSLA a life-changing wrestling program for more and more youth each year.
So far in 2017, we have enjoyed a fantastic year. We’ve seen increased participation in our programs, expanded partnerships, launched the DTLA Academy that offers tutoring and wrestling, and we will be sending approximately 100 of our youth to our Futures Camp in June.
Please note:       
In order to better align our benefit with our annual programming calendar, we shifted the BTSLA Annual Benefit to this fall. Look forward to the “save the date” invitation sometime this summer.
Please enjoy this digital booklet of our annual report. If you’d like a copy of the annual report to share with anyone who supports youth development through sports, please let us know.