Our Annual Impact Report

Posted: December 30, 2014

Designed by Juliana Arboleda
As 2014 comes to a close we reflect upon what we as a community have accomplished.  On the shoulders of our coaches, our organizational partnerships,  our volunteers, our donors, the parents of the girls and boys we serve and our staff, WE ARE BUILDING TOMORROW’S LEADERS.
This first edition of our Annual Impact Report presents the 2013-2014 Season in review. Accompanied by a personal message from our Executive Director Yero Washington and photos of the youth we serve, you will find an overview of our current programs, participation numbers, a recap of the past season’s highlights, a list of our generous donor community and much more.
We hope you enjoy this  digital booklet and please pass along the link to those who share our goal of youth development through sports.

Graphic Design by Juliana Arboleda.