Year of Seasonal Academies Concludes with Spring Academy

Posted: May 27, 2021

For the last six weeks, over 250 youth took part in the Spring Academy where they engaged in outdoor workouts, push-up and jump squat challenges, workbook activities, a chess tournament, and a program finale on Zoom.

The Spring Academy was the fourth in a series of seasonal academies that Beat the Streets Los Angeles has provided this past year to the youth of Los Angeles and surrounding communities.

“The spring academy has been impactful to both students and coaches,” said Coach Crystal Rodriguez at the Downtown Academy program. “Going outside, talking to other wrestlers, and – most of all – having fun while working out with everyone has been so uplifting. It impacted everyone’s mental health and optimism.” 

Due to changing guidelines from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, for the first time in over a year each  program had the option of engaging in person-to-person contact during the outdoor workouts.

As each participant engaged in the various components of the Spring Academy, they earned points for their team. At the end of the Spring Academy, each team excelled in a unique way.

Most Outdoor Workout Points: California Golden Bears (2,280 points)

Most Bonus Points: Powerful Silver Foxes (1,996 points)

Dynamite Award for most points for a small team: Hard-Working Blue Sharks (4,148 points)

Most Overall Points: Relentless Blue Wolves (7,321 points)

It has been quite a year – to say the least – and we are honored that so many of youth have continued to join our sports-based youth development program.

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