Tomorrow’s Leaders Program Takes Flight

Posted: October 29, 2020

This fall, Beat the Streets Los Angeles launched an initiative to more fully live up to our promise of “Building Tomorrow’s Leaders” with a selective program offered to high school juniors, seniors, and recent high school graduates. The Tomorrow’s Leaders Program is designed for our most exemplary young men and women who are passionate about wrestling, youth development, career development, and developing wrestling coach skills.

The first phase of the Tomorrow’s Leaders Program consists of four workshops that will feature athletes, financiers, professionals and entrepreneurs within our network to share their journey toward professional, athletic, and personal success. Topics will include: college and career planning, managing finances, wrestling training and coaching tips, and much more.

These workshops will be the first phase of a holistic, long-term program designed to help our alumni prepare for the next steps in their lives. Starting in the spring of 2021, the students in the program will take part in other workshops, seminars, and training designed to help them navigate the start of their professional and academic careers.

Select applicants will also be invited to take part in additional training, certifications, and other professional development projects designed to qualify them to be a coach and mentor for Beat the Streets Los Angeles.

A special thank you to all speakers taking part in the workshops for the inaugural Tomorrow’s Leaders Program.

October 22nd — Malcolm Johnson, Executive Director of Community & Development Banking at JP Morgan Chase and Jeff Newman, CFO of IDS Real Estate and BTSLA Board Member

October 29th — Moses Kagan, Partner at Adaptive Realty

November 5th – Clarissa Chun, USA Wrestling Women’s National Team Assistant Coach