Winter Jamboree Recap

Posted: December 22, 2014

December 21, 2014 | In today’s youth sport environment, BTSLA’s events strive to represent the best in youth competition. And nowhere was that more on display than on Sunday, December 14th at Roybal High School in Downtown Los Angeles.
BTSLA’s Winter Jamboree saw the over 200 youth participants smiling, laughing, at times driven and determined, but always showing integrity and good sportsmanship.
“I think our events have begun to become a powerful tool in our mission to provide youth development opportunities to our wrestlers. Competition brings out the best in our wrestlers and when they see their friends, classmates, and peers giving their best, showing perseverance, determination, and inner will, all while having fun, it’s pretty contagious and inspiring,” said BTSLA Program Director, Kevin Lake
The event kicked-off with a group of very special guests, the USC Trojan Wrestling Club. The college wrestlers led the group through a warm-up and clinic to prepare the athletes for the task at hand.
“I think this is a great way for USC Wrestling to give back to Los Angeles youth. I love the mission of BTSLA and to be in a position to share my experiences at USC with them is a special opportunity,” said USC Wrestling Club President, Nick Cegelski.
At the first whistle, the six mats came alive with action in both Attack Bandz matches as well as the wrestling tournament. Wrestlers from 18 BTSLA program sites along with club wrestlers from Topanga PAL, HQ/10th Planet, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club, South Pasadena Wrestling Club, Outlaws Wrestling Club, and Paul Revere MS battled for position and ultimately the top spot on the podium.
The Winter Jamboree represented the final competition event of 2014. BTSLA wrestlers will look to return to the competition mats on February 8th for the Spring Jamboree.
“I am proud of how our wrestlers perform when challenged and I am excited to watch their continued progress into 2015,” said Lake.

View a full gallery of photos and complete event results below.  Photos by Eleanor Crowell.
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Award stand photos located below complete Results.
AB 45
Karina Milinkovich, San Pedro 1
Natalie Milinkovich, San Pedro 2
Max Pineda, So. El Monte 3
Mario Ortiz, So. El Monte 4
AB 50
Lucas Fuentes, San Fernando 1
Mark Carabajal, So. El Monte 2
Elias Morales, So. El Monte 3
Hector Mendoza, San Fernando 4
AB 55
Elizabeth Ramesco, YAL 1
Lina Hernandez, San Pedro 2
Rebecca Carabajal, So. El Monte 3
AB 60
Celyn Santay, Topanga 1
Adelaida Fernandez, San Fernando 2
Denise Cruz, Topanga 3
AB 65
Isai Fernandez, San Fernando 1
Jason Santay, Topanga 2
Justin Arana, San Fernando 3
Tyra Acedo, YAL 3
Jonathan Lara, San Pedro 3
AB 70
Maico Trujillo, Topanga 1
Christian Marcotte, San Pedro 2
Tyler Moore, San Pedro 3
AB 75
Jonahs Fuentes, San Fernando 1
Efrain Carabajal, So. El Monte 2
Leslies Juarez, Topanga 3
Miguel Lara San, Pedro 4
AB 90
Pedro Cobian, HQ 1
Genesis Arenels, Topanga 2
Pedro Gallegos, Valor 3
Amy Pena, Topanga 3
AB 92
Emely Acedo, YAL 1
Dessera Romero, YAL 2
AB 96
Aliyah Villatro, HQ 1
Moises Gomez, San Fernando 2
AB 98
Dilila Fuentes, San Fernando 1
Stephanie Sandoval, San Fernando 2
AB 100
Desiree Fuentes, San Fernando 1
Alex Pineda, San Fernando 2
Jesse Rodriguez, PUC 3
Abel Ruvina, Mullholland 4
AB 105
Danny Santay, Topanga 1
Brandon Alcaraz, Topanga 2
Antonio Carabajal, Pico Rivera 3
Jazlyn Muniz, So. El Monte 3
AB 107
Emmanual Magana, PUC 1
Ryan Alcaraz, Topanga 2
Adrian Vera, Topanga 3
Adrian Beccera, Topanga 3
AB 110
Eduardo Ruano, Topanga 1
Bryant Acedo, YAL 2
Jamie Garcia, Irving 3
AB 130
Adriana Rodriguez, PUC 1
Meriah Smith, Mulholland 2
Isak Thompson, San Pedro 3
AB 135
Javier Nava, San Fernando 1
Angel Sandoval, San Fernando 2
AB 185
Diana Rodriguez, Irving 1
Laura Rodriguez, Irving 2
WR 42
Juliana Gurrola, San Fernando 1
Marcus Morales, So. El Monte 2
June Marquez, So. El Monte 3
Alijah Saenz, San Pedro 4
WR 45
Samuel Sanchez, TMWC 1
Ryan Mojica, Pico Rivera 2
WR 50
Ryan Rios, So. El Monte 1
Sebastian Barajas, San Fernando 2
Zeth Abalos, San Fernando 3
Domenik Fuentes, San Fernando 4
WR 55
Alex Crieno, YAL 1
Sergio Lemus, Pico Rivera 2
Juliana Marquez, So. El Monte 3
Mia Aguilar, San Fernando 4
WR 65
Isai Fernandez, San Fernando 1
Jason Santay, Topanga 2
Justin Arana, San Fernando 3
Tyra Acedo, YAL 3
Jonathan Lara, San Pedro 3
WR 70
Viviana Garcia, San Fernando 1
Adrian Gallardo, YAL 2
Chris Gallardo, YAL 3
Jaden Keshishyan, Mt. Gleason 4
WR 73
Christian Loera, San Fernando 1
Steven Romero, TMWC 2
Patricia Arana, San Fernando 3
Tatyana Fuentes, San Fernando 4
WR 75
Isaak Morales, So. El Monte 1
Julia Anaya, San Fernando 2
Karissa Aguilar, San Fernando 3
WR 80
Shea Hamilton, TMWC 1
Alex Ceja, San Fernando 2
Andrew Rivera, Valor 3
Julian Woo, Paul Revere 4
WR 82
Leslie Zapata, Griffith 1
Ashely Garcia, HQ 2
Emily Gonzales, So. El Monte 3
WR 85
Joey Mora, TMWC 1
Nick Carpenter, Paul Revere 2
Aaron Galet, Paul Revere 3
WR 88
Joe Mojica, TMWC 1
Deven Valzquez, Porter 2
Jay Jay Hernandez, PUC 3
Josh Nava, Edison 4
Janae Acero, So. El Monte 5
WR 90
Bryan Soto, So. El Monte 1
Nathan Cusimano, San Pedro 2
Cam Zoller, Paul Revere 3
WR 95
Joseph Fernendez, PUC 1
Mike Robertson, San Fernando 2
Amanda Munoz, Pico Rivera 3
Abram Rivera, Pico Rivera 4
WR 100
Destiny Fuentes, San Fernando 1
Miya Galvan, Griffith 2
Mercedes Rodriguez, Mt. Gleason 3
Kevin Rodriguez, San Fernando 4
WR 103
Devin Peries, South Pasadena 1
Jhaun Mendoza, Stella 2
Adrian Santos, San Fernando 3
Lorenzo Montes, Torrance Outlaws 4
WR 110
Steven Jones, PUC 1
Maurico Reyes, Mulholland 2
Fernando Molina, Mulholland 3
WR 115
Alex Flores, Torrance Outlaws 1
Alyssa Arana, San Fernando 2
Mike Rankins, HQ 3
Christian Hernandez, Stella 4
WR 116
Giovanni Salcedo, Berendo 1
Abraham Cota, PUC 2
WR 117
Alvar Granga, Paul Revere 1
Max Santana, So. Pasadena 2
Krys Bell, PUC 3
WR 118
Yesika Guzman, Mulholland 1
Natalie Castellanos, Berendo 2
WR 119
Jose Nava, San Fernando 1
Nikolas Montes, Torrance Outlaws 2
WR 120
James Bird, TMWC 1
Adelina Parra, San Fernando 2
Luke Hansen, Paul Revere 3
Samantha, Larios San Fernando 4
Gianna Anaya, San Fernando 5
WR 130
Trevor Gill, San Fernando 1
Edgar Romero, Edison 2
Jonino Liangco, Mulholland 3
Angel Rivera, Valor 4
WR 133
Pat Poun, Edison 1
Vivian Ramo, Valor 2
Tadeo Eufracio, Stella 3
WR 134
V’ante Moore, Stella 1
Max Paless, Paul Revere 2
Nate Alpern, Paul Revere 3
WR 135
Diego Barrera, Berendo 1
Leo Francisco, Irving 2
Noah Villalobos, TMWC 3
Skarleth Funes, Berendo 4
Matt Milan, Stella 5
WR 140
Salma Morales, Porter 1
Jasmine Fernandez, PUC 2
Alina Arana, San Fernando 3
Sylvia Garcia, Stella 3
WR 145
Trenton Gill, San Fernando 1
Miguel Gomez-Puentes, San Fernando 2
Paul Okpalaugo, Stella 3
Angel Juarez, Paul Revere 4
WR 157
Jackson Jones, Paul Revere 1
Kamar Findley, Edison 2
WR 160
Janiece Alocer, So. El Monte 1
Mia Delgado, So. El Monte 2
Amanda Gallegos, Edison 3
Tremaine Walker, Stella 1
Angel Solano, Berendo 2
Brandon Perez, Edison 3
Fernando Diaz, San Pedro 4

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