Porter and San Fernando triumph at BTSLA Championships

March 3, 2017 | The 2016-17 BTSLA Wrestling Championships were held at Roybal Learning Center this past Sunday, February 26th. Over 160 wrestlers from 21 wrestling programs took part in the culminating event of the 2016-17 middle school season.

George K. Porter Middle School, led by coach Anthony Figueroa, won the team championship for the middle school division, followed by Washington Irving Middle School, led by coach Richard Do, then Thomas Starr King Middle School led by coach Kevin Kuwahara.

In the community program division, San Fernando, led by head coach Matt Castillo, ran away with the team title.  They were followed by Topanga Division PAL, led by coaches Benito Mendez and Eric Medina, then Pico Rivera, led by coach Chris Pena.

The event kicked off with a pancake and sausage breakfast courtesy of BTSLA Board Member Tom Hazell. After breakfast, the wrestlers received team hoodies and sweatpants then began to warm up in anticipation of the opening whistle.

The largest turnout for any Beat the Streets tournament to date made for some hectic moments, but, in the end, every hand was raised and every medal awarded to the student-athletes who have worked so hard in preparation of the event.

As Beat the Streets Los Angeles continues to introduce more and more Los Angeles girls and boys to our sports-based youth development program, we look forward to helping them continue to grow and develop into great young men and women through the sport of wrestling.

Team Results

Middle School Division
1. George K. Porter Middle School
2. Washington Irving Middle School
3. Thomas Starr Kind Middle School

Community Program Division
1. San Fernando
2. Topanga Divison PAL
3. Pico Rivera

Individual Results

Girls – 50 lbs
1st: Estrella Gonzalez, Century YAL

2nd: Alondra Delgado, South El Monte

Girls – 69 lbs
1st: Brooklyn Perez, San Fernando
2nd: June Marquez, South El Monte

3rd: Alisha Perez, South El Monte

Girls – 79 lbs
1st: Samara Yeo, Rise Kohyang
2nd: Angel Gonzales, Century YAL

3rd: Audrey Funes, Pico Rivera

Girls – 80 lbs
1st: Bernyce Villegas, San Fernando
2nd: Ziyah Ray, Golden Warriors

3rd: Harmony Freeman, Golden Warriors

Girls – 95 lbs
1st: Brianna Gonzalez, Pico Rivera
2nd: Mia Gonzalez, Porter

3rd: Hennessy Mejia, South El Monte

Girls – 96 lbs
1st: Juilana Marquez, South El Monte
2nd: Jazlyn Bryant, San Fernando

3rd: Ashley Quintero, Bell

Girls – 99 lbs
1st: Emilie Gonzalez, Pico Rivera
2nd: Christina Alvarez, Century YAL

3rd: Gianna Moreno, South El Monte

Girls – 100 lbs
1st: Katherine Hernandez, Century YAL
2nd: Adelaide Fernandez, San Fernando

3rd: Aliya Rooney, Topanga

Girls – 107 lbs
1st: Donna Hernandez, Bell

2nd: Ashlya Freeman, Golden Warriors

Girls – 110 lbs
1st: Viviana Garcia, San Fernando
2nd: Isabella Hoyuela, San Fernando

3rd: Evelyn Vasquez, San Fernando

Girls – 112 lbs
1st: Ashley Garcia, Berendo
2nd: Neysa Alvarado, DTLA Academy

3rd: Leslie Ramirez, Stella

Girls – 114 lbs
1st: Breyanna Freeman, Golden Warriors
2nd: Michelle Sanchez, Valor Academy

3rd: Izabel Moran, Topanga

Girls – 121 lbs
1st: Vivian Vasquez, Topanga
2nd: Maxine Ramirez, Irving

3rd: Genesis Arenales, Topanga

Girls – 130 lbs
1st: Victoria Velasquez, Topanga

2nd: Silvia Castro, 77th Divison

Girls – 146 lbs
1st: Lesly Urena, Topanga
2nd: Ashley Salazar, Topanga

3rd: Madison Lizarraga, Burbank

Girls – 150 lbs
1st: Samantha Larios, San Fernando
2nd: Vivianne Romo, Valor Academy

3rd: Jasmine Villegas, San Fernando

Girls – 178 lbs
1st: Mia Delgado, South El Monte

2nd: Alexa Chinchilla, Burbank

Boys – 45 lbs
1st: Jonathan Parra, San Fernando
2nd: Benjamin Hoyuela, San Fernando

3rd: Koda Parra, San Fernando

Boys – 53 lbs
1st: Micah Horowitz, San Fernando
2nd: Jacob Larranga, San Pedro

3rd: Ruben Soliz, San Fernando

Boys – 66 lbs
1st: Alexander Galan, South El Monte
2nd: Joe Reed, Golden Warriors

3rd: Jeffrey Contreras, San Fernando

Boys – 67 lbs
1st: Nick Lee, San Fernando
2nd: Armando Villegas, San Fernando

3rd: Jonathan Castro, 77th Division

Boys – 68 lbs
1st: John Alvarez, San Fernando
2nd: Jimmy Perez, San Fernando

3rd: Joseph Islas, Century YAL

Boys – 71 lbs
1st: Sebatian Parada, San Fernando
2nd: Adrian Escobar, Topanga

3rd: Vincent Valdepena, Pico Rivera

Boys – 80 lbs
1st: D’javonte Richmond, San Fernando
2nd: Sebastian Ruano, Alliance MIT

3rd: Juviel Gonzalez, Century YAL

Boys – 82 lbs
1st: Daniel McConnaughy, San Fernando
2nd: Gonzalo Hoyuela, San Fernando

3rd: Jason Lee, Golden Warriors

Boys – 83 lbs
1st: Alejandro Calleja, San Pedro

2nd: Carlos Gonzales, Pico Rivera

Boys – 94 lbs
1st: Jorge Soriano, Jr., Porter
2nd: Brian Baez, Topanga

3rd: Andrew Ramirez, Irving

Boys – 96 lbs
1st: Richard Hobson, Pico Rivera
2nd: Jose Hernandez, Topanga

3rd: Elmer Gonzalez, Topanga

Boys – 103 lbs
1st: Andranik Khachikyan, King
2nd: Daniel Martinez, Alliance MIT

3rd: Robert Tapia, San Fernando

Boys – 106 lbs
1st: Milton Velis, Irving
2nd: John Islas, Century YAL

3rd: Geovanni Reynoso, DTLA Academy

Boys – 108 lbs
1st: Isai Fernandez, San Fernando
2nd: Luis Leon, Topanga

3rd: Mykell Kelly, Golden Warriors

Boys – 115 lbs
1st: Willie Mejia, King
2nd: Abel Fuentes, Pico Rivera

3rd: Justin Ortiz, Burbank

Boys – 120 lbs
1st: Armando Vigil, 77th Division

2nd: Ian Ponce, Pico Rivera

Boys – 126 lbs
1st: Ryan Alcaraz, Topanga
2nd: Hector Tzintzun, Valor Academy

3rd: Eduardo Arias, Topanga

Boys – 135 lbs
1st: Joseph Fernandez, San Fernando
2nd: Emmanuel Yeo, Rise Kohyang

3rd: Brandon Garcia, Berendo

Boys – 140 lbs
1st: Moises Gomez, San Fernando
2nd: Ethan Perez, 77th Division

3rd: Joseph Marquez, Alliance MIT

Boys –  147lbs
1st: Ricardo Padilla, Porter
2nd: Luis Cruz, Century YAL

3rd: Brandon Alcaraz, Topanga

Boys – 158 lbs
1st: Isaiah Delouth, Porter
2nd: Keano Servin, San Fernando

3rd: Ishmael Manning, Golden Warriors

Boys – 170 lbs
1st: Jairo Rivera, Topanga
2nd: Eduardo Ruano, Topanga

3rd: Chris Rodriguez, Berendo

Boys – 197 lbs
1st: Andrew Ojeda, Topanga
2nd: Armando Mendoza, Pico Rivera

3rd: Jaime Monjaraz, Stella

Boys – 220 lbs
1st: Martin Castro, DTLA Academy
2nd: Luis Monjares, Porter

3rd: Jose Garcia, Burbank


Photos courtesy of Dana Barsuhn Photography


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