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2014 Angel City Grand Prix 29

May 5th, 2014  |  It was 10:00 am in the San Fernando High School gymnasium and like many Saturdays before it at the tradition rich wrestling school, 4 wrestling mats covered the expansive floor. You could hear familiar sounds of whistles feel the intensity in the efforts of the athletes, but this wasn’t your typical Saturday wrestling tournament. There was one thing missing on the mats; BOYS.

On Saturday, May 3rd BTSLA hosted the inaugural Angel City Grand Prix all girls open wrestling tournament. In a sport traditionally dominated by boys participation, BTSLA has embarked on a mission to empower Los Angeles area girl wrestlers through unique learning and competition opportunities.

Girls wrestling has seen unprecedented growth since it’s inclusion as an Olympic sport in the 2004 Athens games. The State of California leads the country in girls High School participation numbers and over 20 Colleges and Universities now offer varsity women’s wrestling programs.

As a leader in youth development opportunities for both girls and boys BTSLA has grown to 17 program sites serving over 400 youth since it’s inception in 2012. As an annual event the Angel City Grand Prix seeks to become the premier South California girls wrestling showcase.

BTSLA participants faired well in the inaugural event accounting for several individual championships and medals. Mercedes Rodriguez from Mt. Gleason Middle School earned the Novice/School Girl title at 90-97lbs, Porter Middle School student Salma Morales won the Novice/School Girl championship at 121 – 137lbs, and Edison Middle School’s Rosalinda Vargas earned the bronze at 148-157lbs. The BTSLA San Fernando Tiger Squad earned individual titles from Isabella Hoyuela, Viviana Garcia, and Myra Mendez.

Complete Angel City Grand Prix results below.


48-53lbs | 1st –Alina Martinez, 2nd –Autumn Gould, 3rd – Alyssa Loera

56-62lbs | 1st –Briana Elliott, 2nd – Yanesse Hernandez, 3rd – Ashley Contreras

66-71lbs | 1st –Isabella Hoyuela, 2nd – Julia Anaya, 3rd – Karissa Aguilar

75-85lbs | 1st – Leah Gaitan, 2nd – Desiree Fuentes, 3rd – Grace Gurrola



60-70lbs | 1st – Viviana Garcia, 2nd – Patricia Arana, 3rd –Tatyana Fuentes

90-97lbs | 1st – Mercedes Rodriguez, 2nd – Jeylen Carpintero , 3rd – Destiny Fuentes

102lbs | 1st –Clare Garcia, 2nd – Allyson Arrington

110-18lbs | 1st – Michaela Howe , 2nd – Gianna Anaya, 3rd – Alexandra Cota

121-137lbs | 1st – Salma Morales, 2nd – Lillian Rodriguez, 3rd – Cynthia Benavidez

148-157lbs | 1st – Tiki Jaime, 2nd – Roxanna Barragan, 3rd – Rosalinda Vargas



90-100lbs| 1st – Mayra Mendez, 2nd – Paula Aguilar, 3rd – Madison Alvarado

110-117lbs| 1st –Aleeah Gould, 2nd – Trinity Duarte, 3rd – Jaslyn Avila

118-129lbs | 1st – Daishea Jaime, 2nd – Grecia Cortez, 3rd – Kylah Griffin

130-142lbs | 1st – Yea-Gi, 2nd – Nancy Guzman, 3rd – Yanelli Urizar

149-154lbs | 1st – Nahiela Magee, 2nd – Adriana Quesada, 3rd – Jasmine Manai

160-172lbs| 1st – Guadalupe Castaneda, 2nd – Emily Chapman

195-200lbs | 1st – Desiray Galvez, 2nd – Talia Schroeder

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