Beat the Streets LA Awards 12 Alumni Inaugural College Scholarships

Posted: October 21, 2021

In the summer of 2021, Beat the Streets Los Angeles launched the inaugural College Scholarship program. Beat the Streets LA is delighted to be able to award 12 educational scholarships to alumni this fall!  

Multiple educational scholarships were allotted to the most dedicated and exceptional alumni, totaling over $11,000. This educational scholarship was created to support young Beat the Streets athletes and help alleviate educational expenses.

Alumni were nominated on behalf of coaches and staff that felt that these students best exemplified Beat the Streets LA values. Many of the students also showed a commitment to continue their wrestling careers in college. Recipients have a track record of volunteering at events, participating in the Tomorrow’s Leaders program, and/or serving as coach and mentor for Beat the Streets LA. 

Andrew, Josue, Sylvia and Jairo, four of the scholarship recipients, have been an integral part of the Beat the Streets LA community over the years. “The appreciation, respect, and love I have for you all and the work you do are indescribable. You all change lives and continue to change mine even now! This gift is going to help so much, I can’t thank you all enough!”— Andrew J. Hernandez, Emmanuel College 

“I’m honored to be a part of this program. Having Beat The Streets in my life has had a positive impact on me and my family. I’m grateful for the opportunities that Beat the Streets LA has provided for me and for the community. Thank you for nominating me for the scholarship, I truly appreciate this opportunity. Thank you again” —Josue B. Aguilar, East Los Angeles Community College 

“Ever since I joined Beat the Streets, they have opened a lot of doors for me with new opportunities and resources to help improve my wrestling career. I’ve accomplished so much and gained knowledge that I am able to pass down to others. I am so grateful for the scholarship and being able to make my family proud, thank you!” — Sylvia Calleja, California State University – Long Beach 

Thank you to everyone involved for choosing me to be a recipient of this award. Beat the Streets LA has already done so much for me, and yet you guys managed to go above and beyond once again. This award means so much to me, and will help me greatly as time goes on.” — Jairo Vazquez, San Francisco State University 

With this scholarship, each recipient also attended a workshop with Board Member Dan Hyman on financial literacy. In the coming months, they will also be connected with a mentor from the board or executive staff of Beat the Streets LA. The mentors will coach them through college and career planning, managing finances, and preparing them for the future. 

Beat the Streets Los Angeles looks forward to seeing the continued growth and development on and off the mat of all the students that received this scholarship.

Featured Below (middle): College Scholarship Recipient, Silvia Calleja, volunteers at a Beat the Streets LA Tournament in 2019. She now attends California State University – Long Beach, and coaches for Beat the Streets LA, San Pedro.