December Male Athlete of the Month: Chris Gallardo

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Athlete: Chris Gallardo
Grade: 8th
School: Walnut Park SSJSL / Century YAL
Coach: Armand Farrokh & Naum Shuminov
Favorite School Subject: English
Favorite thing about wrestling: Taking people down.
Fork or Spoon: Fork
Lakers or Clippers: Lakers, of course
Dodgers or Angels: Dodgers
Cats or Dogs: Definitely dogs

From the Coach’s Corner:

Chris is a fierce competitor, always trying his very best, but he also has a big heart. At the recent Jamboree competition, in his first match of the day he barely failed to avenge a previous loss but the result was a dramatic improvement. In his second match, he selflessly let his brother earn the victory so that his brother could get a medal at the end of the day.  – Coach Armand Farrokh

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