Female Student Athlete of the Month: Amanda Gallegos

Posted: October 4, 2015

Athlete of the Month_Amanda Gallegos
Athlete Name: Amanda Gallegos
Grade: 7
School: Edison Middle School
Coach: Nick Cegelski
Favorite School Subject: I really like my English teacher. She makes that class my favorite.
Favorite thing about wrestling: I love running the armbar. It’s one of my favorite moves and I’ve gotten good at it.
Dodgers or Angels: Angels!
Beach or Mountain: I prefer going up in the mountains.
Favorite Athlete: Ronda Rousey
“Amanda has helped pave the way for girls wrestling at Edison. She was the only girl on the team last year and definitely had to overcome some adversity in the beginning of the year. By season’s end, Amanda had changed the way her teammates perceived girls wrestling. Now, Edison Wrestling has more girls than boys, in large part thanks to Amanda.” – Coach Nick Cegelski