Spring Jamboree Sets Record Number of Participants

Posted: April 15, 2014

April 15, 2014  |  From a packed gymnasium at San Pedro High School, Sunday, April 6th marked a milestone for Beat the Streets Los Angeles as the Spring Jamboree wrestling tournament incorporated over 200 youth wrestlers.
With athletes representing 19 Los Angeles area youth wrestling programs, the Jamboree saw a record number of participants. With the wrestlers hard work and excitement on full display, the level of competition was unlike any previous event.
The event featured many highlights including 3 athletes capturing their 2nd consecutive BTSLA Jamboree titles: Desi Lobos (San Fernando), V’ante Moore (Stella 7-8), and Miguel Guzman (Walnut Park).
A special thanks to Dana Barsuhn (danabarsuhn.com) and Rinzi Ruiz (rinziruizphotography.com) for photographing all the event.  The full album of the event can be viewed below the results in this post.
Complete results below:
45lbs | 1st – Sebastian Boroja (San Fernando), 2nd –Yanese Hernandez (San Fernando), 3rd – Jacob Lopez (San Fernando)
55lbs | 1st – Justin Sanchez (Dog Pound) 2nd – Ray Sanabria (San Pedro), 3rd – Jameson Perez (San Pedro)
55lbs | 1st – Logan Fazis (Slammers), 2nd – Jonah Fourmy (San Pedro), 3rd – Miles Lewis (San Pedro)
59lbs | 1st – Mia Gonzalez (San Fernando), 2nd – Ali Fazis (Slammers), 3rd – Suri Ama (Pico Rivera)
60lbs | 1st – Christian Marcotte (San Pedro), 2nd – Seth Blevins (Slammers),
65lbs | 1st – Josiah Felix (Pico Rivera), 2nd – Charlie Portillo (San Fernando), 3rd – Jason Lovato (Valor)
70lbs | 1st – Lisa Hanna (Slammers), 2nd – Zeke Ormsby (Slammers), 3rd –Ezekiel Alcala (Pico Rivera)
78lbs | 1st – Shea Hamilton (TMWC), 2nd – Noah Rodriguez (San Fernando), 3rd – Ivan Moran (San Fernando)
85lbs | 1st – Desi Lobos (San Fernando ), 2nd – Myles Fourmy (San Pedro), 3rd – Cael Garriot (Slammers)
87lbs | 1st – Miguel Castelon (San Pedro), 2nd – Bianca Galvan (San Pedro),
90lbs A | 1st – Mohamed Sedik (Slammers), 2nd – Sergio Nava (Irving), 3rd – Dylan Burgess (Mt. Gleason)
90lbs B | 1st – Jessica Vasquez (San Fernando), 2nd – Patricia Arana (San Fernando), 3rd –Mercedes Rodriguez (Mt. Gleason)
95lbs | 1st – Kobe Lepe (San Fernando), 2nd –Evan Azurdia (San Fernando), 3rd –Alexis Bautista (Berendo)
98lbs | 1st – Cooper Dazzo (Mt. Gleason), 2nd – Ethan Davilla (Mt. Gleason), 3rd – Max Santana (TMWC)
100lbs A | 1st – Gianna Anaya (San Fernando), 2nd – Paris Valencia (San Fernando), 3rd –Leilani Aquino (Stella)
100lbs B | 1st – Andrew Vargas (Berendo), 2nd – Juan Torres (Stella), 3rd – Alan Trujio (Valor)
105lbs A | 1st – Tyler Hanna (Slammers), 2nd – Manuel Rodriguez (San Fernando), 3rd – Alfredo Ama (Pico Rivera)
105lbs B | 1st – Owen Ornsby (Slammers), 2nd – Paddy Northern (Slammers), 3rd – Logan Fourmy (San Pedro)
113lbs | 1st – Baron Gaunt (Slammers), 2nd – Janino Lianco (Mulholland), 3rd – Maurico Reyes (Mulholland)
115lbs | 1st – Roland Domiguez (Dog Pound), 2nd – RJ Alvarez (San Pedro), 3rd – Albert DelToro (San Fernando)
120lbs A | 1st – Alexandra Cota (San Fernando), 2nd – Sam Larios (San Fernando), 3rd – Yesika Guzman (Mulholland)
120lbs B | 1st – V’ante Moore (Stella 7-8), David Anaya (San Fernando), 3rd- Nathaniel Botello (Stella 7-8)
127lbs | 1st – Matt Collazo (Irving), Dan Alvarez (Stella 5-6), 3rd – Robert Zagal (San Pedro), 3rd – Anthony Ramirez (Vista)
130lbs | 1st – Salma Morales (Porter), 2nd – Darlene Sanchez (Griffith)
131lbs | 1st – Andrew Moncayo (Vista), 2nd – Michael Lopez (Mulholland), 3rd – Jacob Duran (San Pedro)
135lbs A | 1st – Aalyssa David (Porter), 2nd – Jasmine Martinez (Stella 7-8), 3rd – Anjali Khashaki (Mt. Gleason)
135lbs B | 1st – Manny Pena (San Pedro), 2nd – Leodan Guerera (Berendo), 3rd – Guilermo Silva (Vista)
145lbs | 1st – Chandler Powell (Mt. Gleason), 2nd – David Cardenas (Irving), 3rd – Mathew Mancia (Vista)
150lbs A | 1st -Christopher Granados (San Fernando), 2nd – Jon Livingston (San Fernando), 3rd – Juan Bearastain (Valor)
150lbs B | 1st – Jordan Thomas (Stella 7-8), 2nd – Rosalinda Vargas (Edison), 3rd – Sylvia Garcia (Stella 7-8)
165lbs A | 1st – Pedro Perez (Irving), 2nd – Jason Aguilar (Pico Rivera), 3rd – Luci Morgan (Walnut Park)
165lbs B | 1st – Armando Salas (Walnut Park), 2nd – Anthony Vasquez (Berendo), 3rd – Kevin Flores (Walnut Park)
200lbs | 1st – Miguel Guzman (Walnut Park), 2nd – James Romo (Vista)