March Male Athlete of the Month: Jonino Liangco

Athlete of the Month - Jonino Liangco
Jonino Liangco
Grade: 7th
School: Mulholland Middle School
Coach: Ignacio Andrade
Favorite School Subject: Physical Education
Favorite thing about wrestling: The physicality and exercise of it.
Fork or Spoon: Neither, I’m all hands!
Cats or Dogs: Dogs! They’re cute.
Beach or Mountain: Definitely beach because I’m a swimmer.
Ice Hockey or Ice Cream: Ice Cream, Cookies & Cream to be exact.
“Jonino has been a pleasure to coach. He has a quiet way of going about his business and leads by example. He is very deserving of the Athlete of the Month and I am proud of him for his dedication and commitment.” – Coach Ignacio Andrade

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