Program Launch

Posted: May 24, 2012

Middle School Program at Los Angeles Leadership Academy. Photo by kabriDWL
On behalf of Beat The Streets – Los Angeles, I am very pleased to introduce our website and accompanying blog. Here you will learn about our mission as a non-profit corporation striving to cultivate and support youth development programs in underserved communities in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.
At the time of writing, our wrestling program is in motion and we currently have two middle school programs (Vista Middle School and LA Leadership Academy) practicing. Another program, Mt. Gleason Middle School, will begin next week. In the Fall, we plan to add another 3-5 programs.
We have a total of 30 kids participating at the 2 programs, but we expect those numbers to grow as we move forward. The kids seem to be having plenty of fun and are learning wrestling at the same time. Our Coaches are doing a tremendous job in making the wrestling practices fun, while the students learn and play. This is an important part of our overall mission, which is to teach not only wrestling, but important life skills, and of course, make sure they have fun!
We are currently working with After-School-All-Stars, a well established program that has been instrumental in helping us establish our wrestling programs. We look forward to furthering our relationship with them as we add more wrestling programs to the Beat the Streets – LA organization.
This is such an exciting time for wrestling in the Los Angeles area. We have ambitious goals and we want to have a positive and long lasting impact on the lives of youth in this area. We will keep you posted on all of our progress and hope that you regularly tune in.

All The Best,
Yero Washington
Executive Director